State-of-the-art technology Made in Germany

Söring GmbH has been manufacturing high-end products for ultrasonic surgery for over 30 years. Today, the company is still family-owned and is always focussing on trendsetting solutions – for the best support of the medical team and especially for the patient’s well-being. With our numerous established applications for liver surgery, neurosurgery and spine surgery as well as for wound treatment we stand at the global cutting edge of ultrasonic technology. Everything is “Made in Germany”: from development and production to distribution. The wide product range is always optimised and expanded in close cooperation with leading users to achieve maximal customer satisfaction. Following this understanding, we offer a comprehensive maintenance and servicing programme.

LEVICS for neurosurgery
LUD for liver surgery


Women in Surgery: Not a One-Man Show

Some time ago, Söring’s Macro instruments and SONOCA 300 were used in a very special liver operation in Trieste, northern Italy. Special about this hemihepatectomy was not the tumour resection itself, but rather the fact that the treatment was carried out by a team only consisting of women. We spoke with Dr Paola Tarchi, general surgery and HPB consultant at the University Hospital of Trieste, about the reasons why there are still few women in surgery and what she likes most about her job.

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Neurosurgery in times of Covid-19

Italian Lombardy has had to struggle hard under the current pandemic, which has led to a major rethink in medical care. First and foremost, intensive care beds were to be made available for Covid-19 patients and all surgical activities were to be reduced. But what happened to those patients who also needed urgend treatment? See here how Lombardy has gone its own way to maintain neurosurgery.

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Söring supports school project "Youth and Business"

The young student, Nike von Borcke, asked us if she could interview us for the school project "Youth and Economy" of the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.). No question. That's where we're in. See here what she wrote about us.

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