Here you can see a selection of our partners and networks.

Life Science Nord gets involved with innovative medical science in the German Federal States of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Life Science Nord represents the local cluster for medical technology as well as biotechnology and pharma.


The importance of integrating and networking of medical devices with each other as well as with adjacent IT systems is constantly increasing. In the BMBF-funded lighthouse project OR.NET exactly this topic is  addressed.

Service-oriented OP-Integration

DOOP stands for service-oriented OP integration and deals with the establishment and marketing of the SOA paradigm for the integration of medical devices in the operating room and intensive care unit.

WTSH - economic promotion

Being a central economic driver of the state, the WTSH is a long-term and close cooperation partner of the WFG – including issues with regard to the establishment and start-up of companies, consulting on innovation, property rights and current funding programmes.

Since 2002, the Wundzentrum Hamburg e.V. has pursued the goal of improving interprofessional and interdisciplinary cooperation in the diagnosis, therapy and care of patients with chronic wounds as a supraregional wound network.