Streamlined Portfolio
Against the background of our latest strategic decisions, we have determined to move on with a leaner portfolio of products. In this context it was decided to stop manufacturing and delivery of our high frequency (HF) which barely contributed to bottom line results. The discontinuation will be done by end of 2017.
Company internal resources gained through this leaning of portfolio will be reallocated to ultrasonic products.  For this reallocation to turn out swiftly and smoothly a new organization is adopted boosting efficiency in what we do.

Boosted efficiency
All company internal resources will from now on be aligned alongside the three core processes in our business. This way we will improve our customer intimacy, speed of innovation and commercial results. Our employees have commenced transitioning into the new organization in our company in September 2016.

Global expansion
We continue growing our global footprint with international activities and in our home territory of Europe.

If you have any questions regarding our discontinuation of HF-products, please feel free to contact us on