Söring GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of products for ultrasonic surgery, is now offering its Macro instruments of the 94 high-frequency (HF) series for liver surgery with the internationally widespread 3-pin connector. The instruments equipped with a monopolar coagulation function can now be easily connected to almost any high-frequency generator available worldwide.

The HF generator just needs to have a three-pin monopolar connection socket and a monopolar coagulation mode. However, such devices are already available in almost every operating room worldwide. "With our open platform concept you can use any HF generator you like. This saves costs for new devices, space in the operating room and training expenses for clinical personnel", says Nicole Paul, Product Manager Liver Surgery at Söring GmbH.

94-HF series for dissection and coagulation of liver tissue

In addition to any HF generator, the Macro instruments used for ultrasonic dissection and coagulation of liver tissue also require the Söring SONOCA 300 ultrasonic generator. A footswitch activates the ultrasonic power as well as flushing and suction at the same time. With the help of cavitation and mechanical effects, the physician carefully fragments liver parenchyma and removes it reliably while protecting blood vessels and bile ducts. The additional monopolar high-frequency coagulation function allows the surgeon to independently coagulate small vessels during the operation and thus stop bleeding. This function can be comfortably activated by hand after connecting the instrument to the HF generator. The Macro HF instruments with 3-pin connector replace the previous products with exclusive connection to Söring generators.