Yesterday the Wundzentrum Hamburg e.V. (Regional Society for Wound Care Specialists in Hamburg, Germany) held its 64th general meeting in the Lindner Parkhotel Hagenbeck, Hamburg. A perfect opportunity for Söring to exchange with wound treatment experts and stay informed about the latest developments in the regional wound care sector.

The meeting was started with a comprehensive review of the society’s activities in 2017, followed by a presentation of the planned budget for 2018 and the successful re-election of the executive board. The subsequent break was used for intensive discussions with other wound society members. Afterwards, guest speaker Dr. med. C. Ulrich from the Charité in Berlin presented strategies for the prevention and early detection of dermatologically caused wounds. News about wound research topics and an update from the society’s standard group completed the meeting. "It was a very informative and successful evening, which offered a nice mix of practice, research and industry", Stefan Last, Junior Product Manager UAW at Söring GmbH.

Expert platform for wound care

Ever since the “Wundzentrum Hamburg e.V.” was established in 2002, it has served as a communication platform for wound care professionals in the greater Hamburg area and offered information for patients. The society’s standard group regularly develops recommendations and best practices for wound care, which are published on their website and perceived as standard of care. The members of the society include, among others, nursing staff and services, individual members, hospitals, doctor’s offices and industry representatives. Söring has been a member of the wound society since 2006.