Söring, one of the leading manufacturers of products for ultrasonic surgery, presented its endoscopic Micro instrument ENP (Endoscopic Neurosurgical Pen), which is still the world's only endoscopic ultrasound aspirator, at the Hands-on Workshop on cerebral and ventricular neuroendoscopy in Naples from 22 to 24 January 2018. In addition to a comprehensive lecture programme, the event offered around 80 neurosurgeons from all over the world the opportunity to exchange views with leading specialists in neurosurgery and to train procedures for minimally invasive brain tumour removal in practice.

Study confirms ENP’s high efficiency in intra- and paraventricular lesions

The scientific programme included a series of lectures by renowned experts in neuroendoscopy, including Prof. Giuseppe Cinalli, Director of Neurosciences and Neurosurgery at the Santobono-Pausilipon Children's Hospital, Naples. As a long-standing partner of Söring and event director, he presented the possibilities of using the Micro instrument ENP on the first day. He also reported on his experience from his 2017 study*, in which he resected cranial tumours of twelve pediatric patients using the ENP instrument. The study has shown that endoscopic ultrasonic aspiration with Söring's ENP Micro instrument is a safe and reliable method for largely decompressing or completely removing intra- and paraventricular lesions.

Hands-on Workshop with endoscopic ultrasonic instrument ENP

Directly following the comprehensive lecture programme, the participants trained minimally invasive procedures on anatomical and animal models in hands-ons, starting from inserting the endoscope, coagulation of tissue via laser to tumour resection using forceps or Söring’s ENP.
In contrast to manual instruments, the ENP uses ultrasonic to fragment the tumour and to remove its components directly by means of the integrated suction system instead of removing them in pieces. This greatly simplifies and accelerates the minimally invasive procedure since it eliminates the time-consuming insertion and removal through the endoscopic working channel.

Internationally renowned event

The Hands-on Workshop for "Cerebral and Ventricular Neuroendoscopy" is one of the most important international trainings in neuroendoscopy. It is organized by the International Federation for Neuroendoscopy (IFNE) and is under the patronage of the Japanese Society for Neuroendoscopy (JSNE), the Latin American Group on Neuroendoscopic Studies (GLEN), the Indian Society for Neuroendoscopy (ISNE), the Neuroendoscopy Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) and the European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery (WFNS). Söring took part in the event for the fourth time.


*Cinalli et al. (2017): Initial experience with endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator in purely neuroendoscopic removal of intraventricular tumours, J Neurosurg Pediatr. 19 (3): 325-332.