Söring was recently appointed world technology leader in ultrasonic surgery by the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Kiel, Flensburg and Lübeck. The chambers published a brochure with 33 hidden champions headquartered in the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

Technology leader in ultrasonic neurosurgery and liver surgery

Especially two products have significantly contributed to this success. Söring’s ENP instrument (Endoscopic Neurosurgical Pen) is the only endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator worldwide that enables neurosurgeons to remove brain tumors through a small incision in the skull. The Macro instrument LUD also helps to keep incisions as small as possible. With its outstanding outer sheath diameter of only 5.5 millimeters, it is the absolutely thinnest laparoscopic ultrasonic dissector worldwide used for the removal of liver tumors.

Since 1985 Söring has been developing products for ultrasonic surgery. The worldwide success came in 1989, when a surgeon in Malaysia succeeded for the first time in separating Siamese twins who only had one liver. Since then, the family business has continuously optimized and expanded its product portfolio and is today a technology leader in ultrasonic surgery.

Here, you can see the complete article in German language. If you want to learn more about the world market leaders headquartered in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, you should take a look at the homepage of the Chambers of Industry.