With the LEVICS Micro instrument, Söring GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of products for ultrasound surgery, offers a new product for precise neurosurgical ultrasonic tumor aspiration. Above all it is characterized by its high user-friendliness, which is reflected in a low instrument weight and simple assembly.

Low instrument weight supports long procedures
For surgery in the central nervous system an accurate proceeding is essential. With its low weight, even ten percent lighter than the instruments of the previous series, the LEVICS Micro instrument supports safe working over long procedures. In addition, the filigree and angled shape ensures an optimum view of the surgical field.

Flexibility thanks to modularity
The LEVICS Micro instrument offers three sonotrodes in different lengths and diameters to be well prepared for treatment of different tumors. They can be mounted and changed quickly and easily thanks to the special "Click & Start" concept, which absolutely supports the OR team in its preparatory work. Just by using the intuitive torque wrench the sonotrodes are easily connected to the instrument. A clear click signals that both parts are securely fastened.

Everything in one place
In order to store all components of the LEVICS Micro instrument comfortably, Söring has specially invented the clearly arranged LEVICS instrument tray. It assigns each product, from the instrument body, the sonotrodes and the torque wrench to the instrument cable, its own space and can be sterilised fully equipped. This ensures that nothing is forgotten during reprocessing and that everything is ready to hand in the OR.