The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has launched a programme to promote artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany to support the industrial application of AI methods. The universities of Hamburg, Bremen, Kiel and Lübeck as well as the university clinics UKE Hamburg, UKSH Kiel and Lübeck have therefore invited long-standing partners to form a North German AI health cluster: “KI-SIGS”. The aim of the cluster is to quickly integrate AI methods of the research institutions into products or clinical applications. Together with 12 companies, the cluster aims to prove that AI methods offer added value for health applications, physicians and patients and lead to economic growth.

Together with the two partners in the sub-project, the neurosurgery department at the clinic UKSH Lübeck and the Institute for Robotics and Cognitive Systems at the University of Lübeck, Söring will investigate the extent to which automation is possible in neurosurgery and implement an AI assistance system for those working in this field. The sub-project starts - like the entire KI-SIGS project - on 1st of April 2020 and is financially supported for three years by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

The results obtained in the research project offer the chance of worldwide unique ultrasonic products with KI support. Söring thus strengthens its long-term competitiveness, consolidates existing cooperations and establishes new partnerships in the KI-SIGS cluster.