Clinical outcome maximized. Safety optimized.

Tumors located close to the corticospinal tract are very challenging to resect. While the maximum extent of tumor shall be removed, functional structures need to be kept intact. To address this challenge with a maximized clinical outcome, two technologies were combined:

"The use of the LEVICS instrument as stimulation-ultrasonic aspiration device allows an accurate and continuous motor mapping for safer resection near the corticospinal tract while intraoperative ergonomics are facilitated."

Prof. Dr. Karl Schaller, Head of Division Neurosurgery, Hôpitaux Universitaires Genève, Switzerland


  • higher accuracy of mapping -
    the tissue is stimulated right at the place of resection*
  • safer­ resection process -
    continuous acoustic feedback is given regarding the distance of the corticospinal tract*
  • simplified intraoperative ergonomics -
    stimulation and resection is performed with only one device*

* These benefits are associated with dynamic continuous mapping by inomed as stated in the information material: Dynamic mapping of the corticospinal tract: instrument choice, D030166 EN

Higher accuracy and safer resection

The combination of LEVICS with IONM allows the surgen to stimulate right at the place of resection. A permanent acoustic feedback informs the surgeon about the distance to the corticospinal tract. This improves the accuracy of mapping and safety during tumor resection.

LEVICS empowers a new standard of mapping:

Classical approach - dynamic mapping

  • separate monopolar stimulation probe used
  • tumor resection is temporarily interrupted when the tissue is stimulated

New standard - dynamic continuous mapping: 

  • ultrasonic aspirator is resection and stimulation device
  • interruption-free workflow, continuous acoustic feedback is given

Simplified intraoperative ergonomics

By simply attaching the inomed stimulation clip to the LEVICS instrument, LEVICS turns simultaneously into a stimulation and resection device.

LEVICS - stimulation and resection device

Three steps to get your instrument ready

1. Put the stimulation clip onto the front part of the aspiration channel ...

2. rotate it until it connects to the irrigation channel ...

3. and ready!

Safety and Clinical Performance Information according to MDR Annex I
Get access to the product related saftey and clinical performacne information according to MDR Annex I

What is needed?

  • exchangeable sonotrodes
  • reusable LEVICS Micro instrument
  • ultrasonic generator SONOCA 300 and accessories
  • stimulation clip with intraoperativ neuromonitoring system (inomed Medizintechnik GmbH)

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