Outstanding small diameter

Due to its low weight, the Macro instrument LUD is ideally suited for laparoscopic liver resections. With its extraordinary outer sheath diameter of only 5.5 millimetres, it is the thinnest laparoscopic ultrasonic dissector worldwide. During surgery the LUD can be easily guided through trocars* placed in different positions, thus enabling a procedure from different angles. Thanks to its unequalled long sonotrode, it merges perfectly with the instrument portfolio of a minimally invasive liver resection. Similar to the instruments for open liver surgery, the LUD convinces with its effective aspiration performance, its extremely compact design and is full autoclavability. Moreover, it is immediately ready to use due to its quick and simple set-up.


  • 304mm working length and worldwide smallest outer sheath diameter of 5.5mm*
  • low weight for fatigue-free operation
  • effective aspiration performance
  • quick and easy set-up

What is needed?

  • Macro instrument LUD
  • ultrasonic generator SONOCA 300 and accessories

* compatible with trocars < 10 mm

Macro instrument for open liver surgery

Macro instruments

without and with hiqh-frequency function