Precise parenchyma transection with minimal bleeding

Thanks to their low weight and ergonomic design, the Macro instruments allow the surgeon a safe preparation, even over very long periods of surgery. Their ultrasonic function can be conveniently activated via foot switch and the effective aspiration performance ensures an improved workflow. In addition, the angled instrument body allows an optimal view of the surgical field. Thanks to the quick and easy assembly and disassembly, the surgical team benefits from a low workload.

"The high fragmentation rate and the different effects on different types of tissue allow the surgeon to work safely and even quickly."

Prof. Karl J. Oldhafer, Chief Physician of General and Visceral Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Asklepios Clinic Barmbek, Hamburg, Germany


  • high fragmentation rates and selectivity for delicate preparation with minimal blood loss
  • extremely light design for fatigue-free operation
  • optimum irrigation and effective aspiration for a better view of the operating field
  • fast set-up thanks to operating parameters for the ultrasonic generator SONOCA 300 stored in the instrument
  • fully autoclavable for maximum reusability and high cost-effectiveness

Macro instruments with high-frequency (HF) function

In addition to the proven ultrasonic technology, the Macro instruments of the HF series offer a monopolar high-frequency (HF) coagulation function. It can be conveniently activated by hand and allows the surgeon to independently coagulate small vessels and to stop bleedings during surgery. This ensures an optimal, uninterrupted workflow.

Compatible with almost any HF generator

Another great advantage is Söring’s “open platform concept”, thanks to which the instruments can be flexibly connected to almost any high-frequency generator* in the operating theatre – just by means of the internationally widespread 3-pin plug. This saves costs for new HF generators, space in the OR and training efforts.

What is needed?

  • Macro instrument without HF functionn or
  • Macro instrument with HF functionn
  • ultrasonic generator SONOCA 300 and accessories
  • common HF generator for the Macro instrument with HF

* international 3-pin socket for connecting an applied part of type CF (according to IEC 60601-1), monopolar coagulation signal with max. 1.4 kV

For laparoscopic liver surgery

Macro instrument LUD

smallest outer sheath diameter worldwide