Open surgical and endoscopic ultrasonic resection

Söring's neurosurgical ultrasonic Micro instruments are designed for the surgeon to proceed efficiently and precisely. With an operating frequency of 35 kHz, they allow an effective resection of tumors of varying consistency and a fine tumor preparation in the vicinity of critical structures. Depending on the location, size and nature of the tumor, resection can be open surgery or minimally invasive.

For open surgery, Söring offers the new LEVICS Micro instrument* with exchangeable sonotrodes which can be securely and rapidly mounted thanks to its smart Click & Start concept. Besides this, the MS-Pen series characterized by its recognized design is also available.

For endoscopic procedures, if the lesions are deep-seated and can only be reached via long access routesan endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator, the Endoscopic Neurosurgical Pen (ENP), might be beneficial.

LEVICS Micro instrument

excellence in design for precision specialists

Micro instruments MS-Pen

fine preparation and effective dissection

Micro instrument ENP

endoscopic resection of deep-seated tumors

* compared to predecessor series