Ergonomic design for challenging tumour resections

Söring's neurosurgical ultrasonic Micro instruments are designed for the surgeon to proceed efficiently and precisely. With an operating frequency of 35 kHz, they allow an effective resection of tumours of varying consistency and a fine tumour preparation in the vicinity of critical structures. Their filigree shape and the angled instrument body offer an optimal view of the operating field. In addition, the low instrument weight facilitates safe working in a highly sensitive environment.

The preparation of the instruments is intuitive and time-efficient. Moreover, they convince through a robust, highly ergonomic design made of medical titanium and their reusability.


  • filigree design for an optimal view of the operating field
  • low weight for fatigue-free working
  • fast and intuititve set-up
  • fully autoclavable and therefore very economical

Open surgical and endoscopic ultrasonic resection

Söring’s Micro instruments are characterized by various working lengths, sonotrode diameters and solutions for irrigation and aspiration. The choice of instrument depends on the location, size and nature of the tumour as well as on the user's personal preferences.

If the tumour is located close to the skullcap, the doctor follows the proven open surgical approach. Therefore, the MS(micro suction)-Pen instruments from Söring meet highest ergonomic demands and the Pen instruments enable particularly filigree surgery. Both instrument series are ideally suited for open surgery.

For deep lesions with long access routes, such as tumours in the ventricle system, an endoscopic procedure can be advantageous instead. The Endoscopic Neurosurgical Pen (ENP) from Söring is the only purely endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator worldwide that simplifies the minimally invasive procedure for intracranial diseases.