Unique resection of deep-seated tumors

When removing intra- and paraventricular lesions, a minimally invasive approach may be favoured over open surgery. By providing the “Endoscopic Neurosurgical Pen (ENP)”, Söring offers the world‘s only endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator whose exceptionally long sonotrode is guided through the working channel of an endoscope (Model GAAB from KARL STORZ 1). This allows tumors to be simultaneously fragmented and aspirated through a narrow access path in a patient-friendly 2 procedure. Finally, this technique supports a reduction of surgery time and opens up new possibilities for minimally invasive tumor resection 3.


  • long sonotrode allows minimally invasive surgery
  • also efficient in firmer tumor tissue1,3
  • simultaneous fragmentation and aspiration allow shorter operating times1,3

What is needed?

  • Micro instrument ENP
  • GAAB endoscope by KARL STORZ: 28096 AGA, trocar: 28162 BS
  • ultrasonic generator SONOCA 300 and accessories


1 Ibáñez-Botella G, et al.: Purely neuroendoscopic resection of intraventricular tumors with an endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator, Neurosurg Rev 1-10, 2018.
2 Endoscope: 28096 AGA, trocar: 28162 BS
3 Cinalli G, et al.: Initial experience with endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator in purely neuroendoscopic removal of intraventricular tumors, J Neurosurg Pediatr 19:325–332, 2017.

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