Reliable tumor removal thanks to efficient aspiration

The Micro instruments of the MS-Pen series are ideal for the microscopic resection of brain tumors. Thanks to their integrated, aspiration system, tumor fragments can be removed reliably and without interruption. The instruments are characterized by their filigree design and low weight. They are available in three versions, each with different sonotrode lengths and diameters.


  • filigree design for an optimal view of the operating field
  • low weight for fatigue-free working
  • fast and intuititve set-up
  • fully autoclavable

What is needed?

  • MS-Pen Micro instrument
  • ultrasonic generator SONOCA 300 and accessories

Further instruments for neurosurgery

LEVICS Micro instrument

excellence in design for
precision specialists

Micro instrument ENP

endoscopic resection of
deap-seated tumors