Simple, intuitive and for a wide range of medical applications

The SONOCA ultrasonic generators are indispensable for the use of Söring instruments. Their operation is extremely simple: They recognize the ultrasonic instruments, perform an instrument check and automatically set the correct operating frequency of 25 or 35 kHz as well as the appropriate operating parameters. In addition, they also undergo an automatic self-test during commissioning, so that the user always works with a safe feeling and the surgical team can fully concentrate on the patient. After a short set-up, the user can start immediately. Thanks to the intuitive user interface the working parameters can be easily adjusted at any time during the procedure, so that the user can react quickly to changed circumstances.

Söring's ultrasonic generators are used in medical applications ranging from liver surgery and neurosurgery to Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement (UAW).

allrounder for all ultrasonic specialities from Söring
specialist for wound debridement and spine surgery