Easy handling for doctors and nurses

With their different sonotrode shapes the UAW instruments from Söring are specially adapted to the needs of Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement. They can be used in disinfectable treatment rooms by doctors and specialised nursing staff. Due to their reprocessability and longevity, UAW instruments meet the requirements for a resource saving treatment option.

The working frequency of 25 kHz makes the use of UAW instruments attractive in various indications. In addition, their ergonomic design enables precise and fatigue-free work throughout the entire treatment period.

"For many years now, we have been using the Söring UAW instrument successfully in various types of wounds. In particular the simple handling enables us to achieve a very thorough wound debridement."

Dr. Nils Haustedt, Chief Physician at the Clinic for Septic Bone and Soft Tissue Surgery, Centre for Joint Prosthesis Infections, Schön Clinic Hamburg Eilbek, Germany


  • quick and safe handling
  • available in different tip configurations
  • comfortable use through ergonomic design
  • can be used by both, doctors and specialized nurses
  • resource preservation due to completely reprocessable instruments

UAW instruments: versatility for a range of wounds

For optimal treatment results, Söring offers three UAW instruments with unique sonotrode tips, which are optimized for different types of wounds.

Double-ball sonotrode

Debridement of wound pockets

Hoof sonotrode

Ideal for superficial wounds

Spatula sonotrode

For difficult-to-reach intermediate spaces, such as between the toes

What is needed?

  • UAW instrument (double-ball, hoof, spatula)
  • Ultrasonic generator SONOCA 185 or SONOCA 300 and accessories