Effective tumor resection and fine preparation

Surgical interventions on the central nervous system require a targeted approach, which preserves important neural and vascular structures and does not impair the patients' quality of life. Ultrasonic aspiration is a worldwide established procedure in clinical practice for the resection of intracranial and spinal tumors.

The method is based on ultrasonic fragmentation in combination with irrigation and aspiration. Partly mechanically and partly by cavitation the tumor tissue is fragmented in contact with the rapidly vibrating sonotrode. The irrigation cools the sonotrode and distributes the fragmented tissue so that it can be aspirated. Tissue types with a high collagen or elastin content, such as blood vessels, pia mater and nerves, are more resistant to fragmentation than tissue with a lower content, such as diseased tissue.


  • efficient reduction of tumor mass
  • fine preparation of tumor tissue

Intracranial and spinal indications

  • meningioma
  • glioma
  • neurinoma
  • metastases in the brain
  • intra- / paraventricular tumors
  • other spinal soft tissue tumors (e.g. ependymoma, lipoma, astrocytoma)

In addition to the LEVICS Micro instrument and the MS(micro suction)-Pen series for open surgery, Söring also offers the Endoscopic Neurosurgical Pen (ENP), a unique product for endoscopic resection.