Enabling advanced surgical techniques for leading neurosurgery, Söring focuses on the continuous development of medical devices. Through intensive global collaborations with leading neurosurgeons, we enable optimized work efficiency while improving patient safety. Specializing in the microscopic and endoscopic neurosurgery, we offer a unique and comprehensive product portfolio in ultrasonic tumor aspiration. These leading innovations provide the reliable support that neurosurgeons require in the operation room.

The only comprehensive product assortment for ultrasonic tumor aspiration

LEVICS ultrasonic aspirator: excellent instrument design for precise working

The low weight supports a safe working over long periods of surgery while the angled instrument ensures an optimum view of the surgical field.

LEVICS ultrasonic aspiration merged with IONM. Clinical outcome maximized. Safety optimized.

The combination of two technologies: ultrasound aspiration and IONM for resection of tumors near the corticospinal tract.

ENP endoscopic Micro instrument advanced neuroendoscopy with ultrasonic aspiration

The world‘s only endoscopic ultrasonic aspirator for the unique resection of intraventricular tumors and cysts.